What to Look for in Fleet Management Software


Choosing a fleet management software system is not easy; with so many options available in the market it can be rather confusing to settle on one which will get the job done. Some people choose fleet management software based on price – they assume that if they buy a pricey piece of software it will be able to help properly manage their vehicles. This is not necessarily true – some fleet management apps are expensive but they don’t have much to offer. Before you invest in any system make sure that it can do the following:

Provide accurate data

The whole point of getting a fleet management app is so that you can gather data that helps you streamline your vehicle’s operations. If you buy a system that provides inaccurate or muddled information it will be of no help at all, or worse, it could actually make you lose track of important data. You should look carefully at the level of accuracy of the system that you have in mind.

Be reliable

The best fleet management systems are those that are able to provide information reliably – they will give you the same data 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Before you buy a fleet management app you should check whether the system suffers any downtime and how long the company takes to resolve issues. If you suffer losses as a result of downtime the company should be able to provide compensation in one way or another.

Manipulate data

A fleet management app may be able to collect data, but what it does with the data is even more important. If, for example, it can tell you how far away a driver is from your offices and how long it took him to get there it should be able to manipulate this data so that you can see whether or not the vehicle was driven within speed limits.

Can be customized

Different companies have different requirements when it comes to fleet management, and you should buy a fleet management app that can be customized to suit your particular needs. Let the vendor know how much customization you need and then work with them to ensure that it is done correctly. They will charge you a fee for it, but it should only be a small fraction of the cost of the software.

Has an intuitive interface

This may sound like something that should be obvious but unfortunately it isn’t – there are some fleet management apps that are hard to use because the interface isn’t easy to understand. You want everyone who is concerned with managing the fleet to be able to use the software with ease, so make sure that you buy an app that is easy to understand.

Lastly, compare prices between different vendors before you make your decision. You should look at how much you are required to pay compared to what the app has to offer, and then choose the fleet management that provides maximum value.