Storm Windows Vs. Toronto Window Replacement

Storm Windows Vs. Toronto Window Replacement

There has been a great debate among homeowners trying to differentiate between Toronto window replacement and storm windows. Architects, contractors, and architects have been going forth and back in their stands of what is better.

Nevertheless, the fact is that there is no universal answer. Each window is unique to the intended structure, and there is a myriad of factors to consider when choosing between storm windows and Toronto window replacement. In this article, we will elaborate on everything you need to understand about replacement and storm windows so you can make the right decision for your home.

  1. Storm Windows.

These exist in two ways-interior and exterior. The difference is straightforward. The former one is installed in inside of your current window while the latter is installed in the outside.

Exterior storm windows are popular designs among people, and that is what they compare with Toronto window replacement.

The main purpose of storm windows is to offer extra protection against weather elements such as rain and heavy winds. They also boost insulation. They are commonly found in older homes that usually have worn out or old windows.

So, that is all about storm windows-technically window additions that you can simply get rid of when you want.

Storm Windows Vs. Toronto Window Replacement

  1. Replacement Windows.

These windows come in many styles. They include; awning, sliding, double hung, and casement windows. The list is long, but these are common ones.

The main difference between window replacement Toronto and storm windows is that replacement windows occupy the space left by the removed windows why storm windows are additions that offer support and security to existing windows.

  1. Advantages and Disadvantages of Storm Windows.


These windows are cheap to install. This is because they are added to the existing windows. The only work is to measure them, and that is all.

Besides, you can remove them when you want.


There are no much cons associated with them since they are just additions. However, some drawbacks are that they are not energy efficient and need maintenance just like other windows.

These windows also leave some gaps no matter how you fit them. Lastly, they are less appealing compared to replacement windows.

  1. Replacement Windows.


One advantage of Toronto window replacement is that they replace completely the worn windows that are making your home less energy efficient and drafty.

Since there are many options available, you can go for the best colour or style that will improve the curb appeal of your home.

They are energy efficient. The window replacements are made from vinyl materials and come with insulated glass panes and frames. You no longer worry of weather elements getting into your home as is in the case with storm windows.

Window replacement Toronto also improves the curb appeal of your home. That promotes the value of your home.