Why Golden Brown Hair Color Is The New Trend for Brunettes

Once upon a time, brown hair was considered mousy and boring. However, in recent years brown hair has become very popular. This is due in part to modern color techniques such as highlights, lowlights, ombre and balayage blends. In fact, golden brown hair is one of the most popular looks for brunettes right now.

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Golden highlights are perfect to add some warm tones to brown hair. Golden blonde tones can add texture to both dark and light brown shades. If you are going for a cool look for golden brown hair, opt for platinum blonde highlights or babylights. For a medium brown look, a balayage blend of golden blonde and light caramel brown will soften up your natural color. Ask for subtle highlights to add texture to your natural brown tresses.

Things to Keep In Mind Before You Choose Golden Brown Hair

Remember if you are starting off with dark brown hair, it will require more effort to achieve a soft golden brown hair color. Those with black or very dark brown hair should seek the advice of a professional stylist before coloring their hair. Depending on how light you go, it might take multiple visits to a salon. If you are coloring your hair at home, it might take a day or two to achieve the desired shade of golden brown.

Why Golden Brown Hair Color Is The New Trend for Brunettes
Tips for Maintaining Your Golden Brown Hair
It is a good idea to use color-treated shampoos, conditioners and other hair products that are free of alcohol and sulfates. As well, you should only wash your hair 1 to 2 times a week to keep the color from fading. Use dry shampoo and leave in conditioner between regular shampoos.

Use a color-safe hair mask at least once a week to help prolong the life of your golden brown hair. You can purchase a color safe hair mask online, in your local drug store or you can make a DIY hair mask using natural ingredients. You can find recipes for homemade hair masks online.

Avoid overheating your hair as much as possible. Gently towel dry your hair after washing and allow to air dry. Also avoid curling wands and flat irons to style your hair. There are plenty of other ways to get gorgeous hair styles such as finger waves or foam rollers. You can also just spritz your hair with sea salt spray and go for sexy beach waves. As well, braiding your hair is a great way to get heat-free curls. Also, wear a hat when out in the sun to keep your hair from fading to a dull blonde instead of your stunning golden brown tresses!

See your hairstylist for regular trims and touch ups to keep your golden brown hair looking healthy and lustrous! Be sure to check out our site for inspiration for hair colors and styles for captivating golden brown locks!

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